A Lazy Bum’s Healing
The practice of acupuncture and understanding the meridians can be confusing. There are so many different theories and arguments. Acupuncture does not have a standardization of points because each practitioner has his or her own way of understanding an individual’s diagnosis and chooses points accordingly. In this book Tom Tam standardizes the points using Western medical diagnoses as a basis for choosing points. This book allows every one to practice a form of TCM healing because there is no need to understand and follow TCM diagnosis; just look up the medical doctor’s diagnosis and this book’s charts indicate what points to use.

Recently, the Tong Ren healing guide, A Lazy Bum’s Healing (2003) has been translated into Chinese, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian and Thai.

Before the Blossom
Over the last ten years, before the publication of For the Love of Nature, Tom didn’t write any more poetry books. In the winter of 2007, Mark Chamberlin, a photographer who has ALS, asked Tom if he could write poems for his photography. Each of Mark’s pictures comes with a poem by Tom. This new book is for people seeking confidence in healing.

Chi and Libido
Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud’s disagreed on the meaning of Libido. The world of psychology has yet to standardize the meaning of Libido. Tom Tam has his own special understanding of the meaning of Libido, which he utilizes in his healing work. This book describes a way of building up the energy of the Libido by Chi Gong practice.

Da Peng Gong
This is the latest Chi Gong book by Tom Tam. He puts the famous story “Transcendental Roaming,” originally written by Chuang Tzu, the Taoist who wrote the story about the mythical bird, Da Peng, into Chi Gong practice. The major purpose in the practice of Da Peng Gong is to open blockages in the body.

For the Love of Nature (poetry)
Many readers say they have no interest in poetry yet they enjoy Tom’s easy-to-understand poems. Tom’s simple words carry deeper meanings and a transcendental philosophy of life and of love.

Healing Cancer with the Nervous System
It is a new concept to understanding cancer with topics such as: Chapters – A Forgotten Nervous System – Cause of Cancer and the Phrenic Nerve – The Autonomic Nervous System and Cancer Healing – Central Nervous System and Bladder Meridian – Free Radicals and Kidney Meridian – Other Factors Cause Cancer – The Healing Way of Cancer – Diet and Cancer Healing – Into the Science Healing Concept – Pancreatic Cancer – Breast Cancer – Colon Cancer – Lung Cancer – Leukemia

Lao Tze, Dao De Jing – chapters 1-25
The complete book of Dao De Jing consists of 81chapters. Tom’s translation and analysis comprise just the first 25 chapters. It is an ongoing project. His translations add more insight into the Dao De Jing than the more than 200 English translated copies already in existence. Tom’s translation explains the Tao in a simple and understandable way. This book has also been translated into Russian.

After the book New Hope on the Horizon, Tom continued writing stories of cancer-healing. His healing books give the patient new hopes and confidence. They also serve as a virtual biography of Tom’s healing practice.

New Hope on the Horizon
Many of Tom’s patients are fighting cancer. They ask for references of cancer healing. They want to hear from the people who have been healed. This book includes many of these stories. Every story in this book is factual to bring new hope to those suffering from this disease.

Pi Gu
Pi Gu is an ancient Chinese fasting program deeply rooted in Taoism. Pi Gu is a Taoist practice a level above Chi Gong. Traditionally, Pi Gu is the last step into the immortal state. It is now a lost art in China, banned because of its spiritual and physical power. If you are a Chi Gong practitioner and want to grow into other higher levels, you must know Pi Gu.

Tai Chi Dao Yin
Chi Gong is becoming very popular but its philosophy can be confusing. Tai Chi Dao Yin makes Chi Gong easy to understand. Many people learn basic Chi Gong from this book. Tai Chi Dao Yin is Tom’s first and favorite book. It is a simple Chi Gong form and includes a commonsense diet. Tai Chi Dao Yin was translated into Russian in 1997. It is the best seller of Tom’s books.

The Unfinished Life
The Unfinished Life is non-fiction. This book deals with many patients’ dramatic relief from trauma with certain specific blockages were cleared. Although some patients believe that they have been healed of “past –life experiences,” we do not know for sure the real initial causes of their distress. No one has to believe in “past lives” to benefit from the effectiveness of this method that consistently has brought relief to so many. Tom will share his healings experiences of trauma-relief with you.

Tom Tam Healing System
In this sixth edition, Tom Tam explains his basic ideas of healing. His healing system combines Western and Eastern knowledge for a more complete understanding of the body and healing. Tom develops his healing system in a way that makes sense to patients and medical experts alike.

Tom Tam in Brazil
This book recounts Tom Tam’s visit to the well known Brazilian healer “John of God.” Tom is never finished with the development of his healing system and is always looking for new ways to help others. This book discusses his experience with John of God, as well as energy healing in general.

Tong Ren for Cancer
This is Tom’s latest book, and it has already been translated into Russian. This book will help you to understand cancer from a very different perspective. Cancer-healing has become a major part of Tom’s healing practice. Tong Ren for Cancer describes a revolutionary concept, and is certain to bring a new of understanding of cancerhealing to the world.

Tong Ren Healing: Beyond Acupuncture
Tong Ren is a distant-healing technique developed by Tom Tam. Tom’s practical experience and clinical observations, combined with Carl Jung’s collective unconscious theory and the Chi Gong healing methods, are the foundation of Tong Ren therapy healing. Tong Ren healing has successfully treated many difficult cases, including cancer, M.S, hepatitis C, diabetes, A.L.S, H.I.V, lupus, depression, and many other diseases. Tong Ren therapy is now used by more than 10,000 practitioners worldwide.

Yi Jin Jing
Yi Jin Jing is a popular Buddhist Chi Gong in China. Tom found an ancient copy of the Yi Jin Jing from Yen Jing Library at Hartford University. He translated and rewrote it in English.