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Dear Doctor,

Your patient trusts your opinion, and appreciates the care you are providing. Concerned about the gravity of the illness they are facing, your patient is weighing the risks and benefits of all traditional and complementary modalities. They will appreciate your tolerance of their personal choice to add a harmless, noninvasive and inexpensive augmentation to your prescribed treatment.

We physicians agree that any good scientist considers all possibilities, unblinded by prejudice or preconception. We acknowledge that Western medicine is imperfect, as we have numerous “incurable” illnesses. There is a Complementary therapy called Tong Ren that can augment healing, but does not replace or delay conventional treatment. It is a combination of Western medical science with Eastern insights, and offers a new approach to treating many terminal illnesses and some debilitating diseases. It introduces the concepts of bioelectricity and of synchronicity with the body’s natural health, and also emphasizes the need for stress reduction. Note that Tong Ren practitioners do not practice medicine; they do not diagnose, prescribe, or interfere with traditional medical advice. Most have been healed themselves, or have healed loved ones with this modality.

We are documenting scientific evidence that Tong Ren has improved or healed some previously “incurable” conditions, such as refractory cancers, autoimmune diseases and neurologic conditions including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. There are already thousands of anecdotal reports of such improvements, including my own mother’s ‘untreatable’ metastatic cancer. Others have produced laboratory models and replicable data toward a scientific understanding of energy healing. Please read the attached Overview of Tong Ren Healing…

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