On September 27, 2013, our group of Tong Ren practitioners arrived in Florence Italy.  Finally we are reunited with our colleagues here to participate in the first healing class held in a well known, and respected hospital, the Istituto Ortopedico Toscano Palagi, in Viale Michelangelo, 41 (Firenze). 
More than 175 people arrived to participate in our class.  At least 15 medical doctors were present, standing with us, proudly tapping the doll in the front of the class.  At this time it was apparent to all who were present that Italy is ready for our work.  Above all, we believe, Europe is ready for our work.  The president of an Italian Society for ALS was there so naturally patients with ALS were also there in attendance.  In these cases we were able to begin to let them try the Tong Ren Wave Therapy machines right away.  In a few seconds to a few moments you could see their faces beginning to turn red and full of healthy circulation.  Then some of the people could report to feeling better, noticing improved breathing patterns, muscle function and tone on the face and decreased pain levels.  We were also told days later of these continued functional improvements.

One young girl came with an undiagnosed eye problem, but she had been told by the doctors that this condition would result in blindness.  So of course we offered her a chance to try our Wave Therapy machine.  She wasn’t sure she wanted to try it, but with her mother there she did agree.  Then the next day her mother arrived to participate in our seminar and she reported to us that her daughter’s vision had improved by that evening.   She was so encourage that she and her daughter wanted to buy our Wave Therapy machine right away.   
In the usual fashion, we began our class on time at 4:00. with a formal introduction by the head of the department, Doctor Paolo Scarsella.  It is with his permission that we have been invited to use this space in the hospital for our healing class.  Second, Doctor Giovanni Cellerini spoke to present Tom Tam to the group on a personal level, as his student. He called Tom an exceptional person of great character and integrity. He spoke of Tom’s mission and intention to offer a his healing system to the whole world.  It was an emotional moment for many because we bring the hope of healing with us to all of Europe.  Even before we began the class some people approached me to ask where else in Europe would we be presenting so that they could follow us to further their healing.
Tom began by saying a few words about our American medical system and the challenges we face because it is totally controlled by a powerful group.  Big business controls the medical advancements we see or the lack there of.  We cannot participate in the kind of advancements we would like to see because of this level of control.   However, in Europe, he states, the medical revolution will begin in Italy, it begins now in this room in Florence. 
When a group of 175 people conviene for our healing class, it is obvious that our collective unconscious is growing.  The belief of our innate power to heal is strengthened by our individual and group experience.  When we see that this many people came to our healing class after only given notice of no more than 15 days we see how ready the people here are to heal, and of the importance of our work.
We began by healing the  woman  in the front row at the end. ALS, MS, cancer and many other problems presented in the room just as in all of our other classes in the USA and throughout the world.  2 stroke patients we treated along with one brain tumor, lung cancer, breast cancer, liver and pancreas cancer.  There was a woman in the audience who had colon cancer she was very happy to finally meet Tom.  As usual many people came to heal emotional problems or blockages from their life experience.  You could see the look on their faces began to change as we continued with the healing.  This observation of course touches my heart as a healer.  The myriad of possibilities are infinite for healing when you see this kind of profound experience in a short span of time.  So many people were present, and with our interpreter there to translate we could only spend 1 hour and 43 mins.  At about 5:45 Tom offered to end the class by sending healing to the whole room. I know we could have continued as the energy in the room was so good and the people were so patient, but as I learned from Tom, it is not nice for the people to have to physically sit for more than an hour.  I could tell that the people were willing to sit longer, but I appreciate our respect for their time.
This class was just the beginning of a weekend seminar given by Tom Tam.  During that weekend it was just like at home. The people followed our lessons in the same way, and at the end of the weekend there were 18 medical doctors who completed the seminar with us.  Among some of the doctors there was serious interest in connecting with colleagues for the purpose of beginning their own medical research in collaboration with colleagues also abroad.  The wheels are turning we can say.  It is another “good beginning” as Tom often says.

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