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The Tam Healing System and Cancer Treatment
Joseph Lucier LMT AOBTA NANP
Author of The Tam Healing system – Illustrated Anatomy – Healing Philosophy

It is well known that The Tam Healing System is extremely beneficial for cancer patients. We have seen this in hundreds and hundreds of cases. For us as practitioners, we have protocols for all cancers and diseases by opening a blockage which causes resistance and thereby causes a reduced performance of proper bodily functions. Blockages negatively impact these areas:

1) The Central Nervous System – bioelectrical system and related nerves and organs
2) The Endocrine System – biochemical system and related glands
3) The Cardiovascular system – blood, circulation and oxygen system and related organs
4) The Digestive System – Digestion, absorption and elimination and related organs
5) The Immune System – Pathogen and toxin management and elimination and related glands and organs

To combat cancer, we need to know which system may have a blockage but first, this requires us to know the nature of cancer itself. To better understand this, let’s take a look at the different theories of what cancer is.

First, is cancer a pathogen? The answer is no. Cancer is not an actual external pathogen but may be the result of a pathogen, deficiency or toxin. It is a normal cell but a special type. Therefore, a cancer cell is not detected as an abnormal cell since it is, at least initially, a part of the normal bodily transformations and therefore does not get detected or eradicated by the immune system.

So, is cancer a normal process in the body? The answer is yes, at the initial stage. Like so many mechanisms in the body, it is a two part process which either increases or decreases something. For cancer this is further confirmed since the body has these two types of genes:

• Oncogenes – genes which create cancer cells – the body thereby produces cancer cells
• Cancer suppressor genes – genes which inhibit cancer cells – to keep it in check after it does its work

According to Dr Burzynski, the pioneer in antineoplastin cancer research and treatment, cancer is often caused when there is a deficiency in the cancer suppressor genes. He has had success and his focus is to instigate cancer suppression activity. Others, like Dr. Viktoris Kulvinskas and many others for years have promoted the premise that cancer is a stage of normal bodily processes. Healing cancer is accomplished by returning the body back to normal, eliminating the need for the body to continue to create cancer cells for repair. The discovery of these genes now proves cancer to be normal in the body.

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