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(Podcast) Nightside with Dan Rea – What is Tong Ren Healing All About? – 1-16-18

(Podcast) Nightside with Dan Rea – What is Tong Ren Healing All About? – 1-16-18

Medical science has made extraordinary progress over the last few decades. But sometimes, traditional medicine can only go so far. What do you do when the normal, typical approach isn’t enough? For some, Tong Ren has provided an answer. Tom Tam, a Boston acupuncturist for more than three decades, has developed the healing technique of Tong Ren for those who have tried and failed to treat their ailments through traditional methods. Tom and...

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Tong Ren Healing with Tom Tam in Miami – March 5-6, 2016

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Cancer Theory: Caused by Bioelectrical Signals, Not Genetics.

For the last 20 years, Tom Tam has been working with the electrical grid of the body to heal all types of cancer, immune disease, parkinsons, with growing success. In 2001 the book, Tong Ren for Cancer identified the role of the nervous system in healing cancer. In 2012, a more developed map for healing cancer and other illness was published in the book, Healing Cancer with the Nervous System: A New Concept to Understand Cancer. The role of bioelectricity is central, and has been studied and practiced in a healing system that has successfully healed a range of illnesses over the last two decades. This exciting research should be a part of this widening conversation.

We have a video that we wish to share that contains the theory that cancer is  related to a bioelectrical disturbance in the body. The importance of this video is that it relates to Tong Ren Healing and the Tom Tam Healing System as well as our blockage theory, where a blockage creates a disturbance in the bioelectrical signal within our body. Tom has always theorized the body and the bioelectrical signal in the body is what causes illness. The theory of Tong Ren Healing and the objective is to release these physical and energetic blockages that are causing the decrease in the bioelectrical signal.

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Tong Ren Anti Cancer Class and Brochure

Tong Ren Anti Cancer Banner

Tom’s newest Tong Ren Healing class has been a great addition to the many healing classes that are offered to the Tong Ren Healing community as well as the general public. This is a very detailed brochure (Download link at bottom of page) that was created by Tom detailing his class that is specific for cancer and cancer patients, as titled by Tom, called the Tong Ren Anti Cancer Class. We are making this booklet available online so everyone can get an idea of what this class is all about and also a better understanding of Tong Ren Healing and how our scientific theory applies to the healing of cancer with Tong Ren Healing. Also included are moving testimonials by patients that have experienced and benefitted from Tong Ren Healing.

Class Details:

  • Location: 85 Essex St. 2nd Floor, Haverhill MA 01832
  • Time: Saturdays – 1:00pm – 2:00pm
  • Also broadcasted live: Live Broadcast Saturdays 1:00pm – 2:00pm
  • Cost: All of the Tong Ren healing classes in the world are free and have been for the past 15 years. In order to promote this practice of healing we ask for people’s support which includes community spirit and financial help. We are not looking to profit. We only ask for donations that are used for class related expenses such as pamphlets, facility rent and maintenance costs. All of our Tong Ren practitioners are volunteers and do not receive monetary gain from the classes.
  • Note: Please don’t call for with questions, just feel free to come! If you want more information, you can also speak with the patients in our classes—they love sharing their healing stories. Also speak with the Tong Ren practitioners who lead these anti-cancer classes.


In the Tong Ren practice of healing cancer, we focus on four factors that may relate to the cause of it. If we can correct these four factors or blockages then the cancer may be healed:

  1. Oxygen
  2. Bioelectricity
  3. Low frequency vibration
  4. Long – distance signals

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Tong Ren in Italy: Changing the World of Healing in Europe


On September 27, 2013, our group of Tong Ren practitioners arrived in Florence Italy.  Finally we are reunited with our colleagues here to participate in the first healing class held in a well known, and respected hospital, the Istituto Ortopedico Toscano Palagi, in Viale Michelangelo, 41 (Firenze).

More than 175 people arrived to participate in our class.  At least 15 medical doctors were present, standing with us, proudly tapping the doll in the front of the class.  At this time it was apparent to all who were present that Italy is ready for our work.  Above all, we believe, Europe is ready for our work.  The president of an Italian Society for ALS was there so naturally patients with ALS were also there in attendance.  In these cases we were able to begin to let them try the Tong Ren Wave Therapy machines right away.  In a few seconds to a few moments you could see their faces beginning to turn red and full of healthy circulation.  Then some of the people could report to feeling better, noticing improved breathing patterns, muscle function and tone on the face and decreased pain levels.  We were also told days later of these continued functional improvements.

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Tam Healing System and Cancer Treatment by Joseph Lucier

The Tam Healing System and Cancer Treatment
Joseph Lucier LMT AOBTA NANP
Author of The Tam Healing system – Illustrated Anatomy – Healing Philosophy

It is well known that The Tam Healing System is extremely beneficial for cancer patients. We have seen this in hundreds and hundreds of cases. For us as practitioners, we have protocols for all cancers and diseases by opening a blockage which causes resistance and thereby causes a reduced performance of proper bodily functions. Blockages negatively impact these areas:

1) The Central Nervous System – bioelectrical system and related nerves and organs
2) The Endocrine System – biochemical system and related glands
3) The Cardiovascular system – blood, circulation and oxygen system and related organs
4) The Digestive System – Digestion, absorption and elimination and related organs
5) The Immune System – Pathogen and toxin management and elimination and related glands and organs

To combat cancer, we need to know which system may have a blockage but first, this requires us to know the nature of cancer itself. To better understand this, let’s take a look at the different theories of what cancer is.

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